The Next Big Thing: SEO Tips, Trends, and Strategies for 2017 and Beyond

You imagined that you would have so much traffic to your website. But as you analyze the stats behind the scenes, the lonely truth hits you like a ton of bricks.

“Your website isn’t getting more hits like you thought it would, Steve,” you moan…”with the number of visitors you’re getting, no one is going to take you or your website seriously. How will you increase your revenue?”

Putting your business out into the vast expanse of the internet can feel so lonely at times, like no one can see you or your business. It’s like you’re screaming into an endless void. “I have fabulous things for you!” You yell. “Come and see and buy!”

Local SEM and SEO

Let’s be honest. A challenge that most California local businesses with an online presence face is the fact that they should consider hiring a Sacramento SEO expert for local business strategies used and implemented by their competitors. It is essential that the marketing team at any business be familiar with the best SEO strategies to implement so that the eyes or the world will turn to your content.

But what is still a reliable strategy and which of the current trends have passed into history? Staying up to date on this information can mean staying ahead of your competitors.

Are you wondering about your SEO approach lately? Are you considering making additions or cuts to your current online marketing strategies?

You’ve come to the right place.

You’ll want to stay focused on results and not necessarily being married to a marketing plan. Change and flexibility are vital in keeping your online marketing plan fresh and relevant. That doesn’t mean you’ll be pulling your hair out making changes every day, but being able to identify those necessary changes quickly will allow you to keep your traffic stable and growing.

I would love to show you those strategies to change, and those that will be able to stay the same, in order to help you build an effective SEO marketing strategy for your business in 2017 and beyond.

Let’s Stay Together – Consistent Marketing Strategies

  1. Stay Social!

You always want to try to appear on the first page of a set of search engine page results (SERPs), and one of the hottest trends right now is to get a social media page to register higher and higher on the SERPs.

You probably already have social media accounts set up for your business, so be sure to set up the content and information on those respective pages to make those pages rank higher. While Google doesn’t share its algorithms, it has let the public know that social media sites are playing more of a role in SERPs.

Your SEO strategies should be extended from your company website to these platforms to ensure that in addition to your central website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites will appear high on the list as well. When we search for the book review publisher Angry Angel Books, both the Facebook and Twitter pages appear above the actual website in the search.

2. Keep it Moving!

Reading about and viewing pictures related to your business is all well and good, but videos are also a fantastic way to draw in customers and a larger audience for your online presence. In fact, the more videos you use, the better! Video SEO strategies should be a part of your marketing department’s set of skills.

They result in a significantly higher click-through rate than just text or pictures, 41% higher in fact. Keep in mind that any videos that might contribute to this increased traffic and higher SERPs are usually from YouTube, so if your company doesn’t already have a presence in Google+ or YouTube, adding that would be to your advantage.

You should be sure to apply SEO strategies to labeling and posting of these videos. Searching for how to build a bookshelf yields blended results, with the videos being at the top:

3. Look Outside Yourself

While some marketing professionals are starting to suggest that linking to external sites isn’t important anymore, you should not listen! The more external links you have, the better, especially if there is anchor text involved in the links. Not any link will do though, be sure you select external sources that are trusted and reliable.

You may want to pack your sites with these links, but remember that people want to see your content too! So you should use a balanced approach when applying this tried and true SEO strategy. You can see an example of using external links to your advantage here. (Source:

Make a Difference – New SEO Marketing Trends to Consider

  1. Make it Mobile!

You will be trying to reach an audience that is not completely on home computers or laptops anymore. Your content and marketing strategies should be able to reach smartphones, tablets, and other mobile platforms, a trend that has slowly been growing in popularity since 2015.

Mobile searches are a bit different, and so your SEO strategies should be changed and updated to reach that untapped audience. Google will be helping you along by making sure that any websites that are mobile-friendly would get preferential treatment in 2017 and into the future.

So if you are on a smartphone, doing a mobile search, mobile-friendly sites will be provided to those customers first. Your company would want to be sure that your site is available as a mobile page, with content, menus, and logos adjusted to accommodate the smaller platform. (Image credit:

2. Break the Silence can give you some interesting statistics on voice searches. Both adults and teens use voice searches the most when they are watching tv (36% and 59% respectively) and hanging with friends (57% and 24% respectively). You must have seen the increase in verbal searching through Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Google Now.

You should know how to make sure you are easily found if someone chooses to speak your name into their phone. You will want to use long-tail keywords, which are three or four word phrases that are very specific to your business. The phrases should be the ones most likely to be said as opposed to typed into a traditional search engine bar.

Saying “show me how to build a bookcase” will draw the customer straight to your website through the directions you’ve optimized for voice search:

I have shown you strategies to consider changing, and those that you will probably want to keep the same, in order to help you build an effective SEO marketing strategy for your business in 2017 and beyond. The sooner you can begin making efforts to apply these suggestions, the more success you will find both on traditional and mobile platforms, in text and voice formats.

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